Pastor’s Message

Welcome to the Kitty Hawk United Methodist Church Preschool. We are excited that you have chosen to share your children with us for the coming year.  Our preschool has a great history and reputation here on the Outer Banks and we look forward to an even brighter future. We believe the Church is called to extend grace and care for the children of our community, and I pray that you feel welcomed and at home at KHUMC.  If there is anything the KHUMC staff can do to be of assistance please don’t hesitate to reach out. Blessings to you and your family and I look forward to a grace-filled year. 


Rev. Colin Snider



KHUMC Preschool is a non-profit, educational ministry sponsored by Kitty Hawk United Methodist Church. It is under the supervision of the Preschool Director, the Pastor, and the Preschool Advisory Board. KHUMC Preschool has been in continuous operation since 1977. Our program consists of 2 two-year-old classes with an average of 6 students per teacher, 3 three-year-old classes with an average of 7 students per teacher, and 3 four-year-old classes with an average of 9 students per teacher. 


Mission Statement

We will use all available resources to educate every child. We will create a learning environment that is fun, loving, developmentally appropriate, and based upon Christian principles.


Curriculum Overview

Our emphasis is on educating the whole child – the entire emotional, social, physical, creative, and intellectual being. We value and respect each child as an individual and as an important part of our school and church family. Social development is a central focus of our program, which builds the foundation for successful learning. Children are given many opportunities to make their own choices and participate in decision-making. Conflict resolution skills are taught and practiced.

Our Curriculum is child-centered, play-centered, and based on developmentally appropriate practice.  We believe in providing interesting and fulfilling learning experiences for children to guide their social, emotional, physical, and cognitive growth. Encouragement, love, understanding, and a sense of comfort are the spirit of our success.

Each class is taught by teachers trained in child development and appropriate practices. Our teachers bring a wealth of experience to the classroom. We offer creative expression in music, movement, and arts and crafts.  Creative learning integrates other parts of the curriculum to support preschool concepts such as color, shape, sequencing, patterning, and math. Gross motor skills are developed during physical education, outdoor play, and indoor movement lessons. 

We believe that the learning patterns and attitudes a child develops the first six years of life are the ones that guide future learning and behaviors. 


Admission is open to all children without regard to race, color, or religious affiliation. Since we are a United Methodist Church supported preschool, all children participate in chapel one day during the week. We also celebrate religious holidays during the year.


Students will be placed in classes based on their age as of August 31 of the current school year.  There is a one-week leeway on either side of that date for parent and teacher discretion.

Students are accepted into KHUMC Preschool according to the following priority:


1)      Current enrolled students/siblings

2)      Children of church members

3)      Children of community members


A waiting list will be established and maintained throughout the year. A fee is not required to be on the waiting list. As soon as a space is open, you will be notified. If you are still interested, you will be required to return a registration form and a non-refundable $60 registration fee as well as an age level required supply fee at that time. The registration form serves as a contract between the Preschool and the parents/guardians, to be honored for the term of the school year. If there are extenuating circumstances, which make it imperative for the parent to dissolve the contract,  a two-week notice must be given to the preschool.  Full monthly tuition obligations would be required to be met for the month the student is withdrawn.


Financial Obligations

Attached to this Handbook is a Parent Financial Agreement.  This agreement must be signed by all persons responsible for financial payments for the student enrolled.  On this agreement, you will have the following options:


Options for Tuition Payments.

  1.  A full tuition payment due at OPEN HOUSE September 6, 2019.  This payment may be made in the form of a CHECK or CASH.

  2. (9) monthly installments paid in CASH - due the 1st of each month.  If the 1st falls on a NON-Preschool day, payment is due the next business day. Cash payments are to be placed in an envelope with the student’s name printed on the outside and submitted in the BLACK BOX hanging on the wall in the 2/3s hallway (downstairs) or the BLACK BOX in the stairway leading upstairs. A receipt for payment will be in your child’s cubby.  Late Payment fees begin on the 10th of the month. Payment after the 10th will result in a late fee of $10 per day and will accrue over scheduled preschool closure dates if necessary. If payment is 5 days late after the 10th, your child’s enrollment in the preschool could be at risk. 


  1. (9) monthly installs paid by CHECK - due the 1st of each month.  If the 1st falls on a NON-Preschool day, payment is due the next business day.  Checks are to be placed in an envelope with the student’s name printed on the outside and submitted in the BLACK BOX hanging on the wall in the 2/3s hallway (downstairs) or the BLACK BOX in the stairway leading upstairs.    Late Payment fees begin on the 10th of the month. Payment after the 10th will result in a late fee of $10 per day and will accrue over scheduled preschool closure dates if necessary. If payment is 5 days late after the 10th, your child’s enrollment in the preschool could be at risk. There will be a $30 processing fee on all checks returned due to insufficient funds. 



All tuition payments are due to the Preschool on the FIRST day of preschool each month.  As a convenience for our parents, the yearly tuition rate has been equally divided into NINE installments although the number of days a student attends preschool per month may vary. Tuition will be collected in nine monthly installments. We are a non-profit organization, and the amount we charge each month is the amount needed to meet all of our financial obligations. We appreciate your promptness in paying tuition.


     2 year olds          $1620 year/$180 month             2 days a week from 9:00-12:30

    3 year olds          $2,520 year/$280 month    4 days a week from 9:00-12:30

                4 year olds          $2,520 year/$280 month    4 days a week from 9:00-12:30


A late fee of $10.00 per school day will be charged beginning on the 10th of the month. Failure to pay tuition in a timely manner is cause for the preschool to dismiss your child from the program. Because our salary and daily operational costs remain the same each month, we are unable to grant tuition refunds for absences.

All tuition must be current for students to attend special events, such as but not limited to the three and four year old Christmas Program, two year old Carols and Cookies, the Mother’s Day Brunch, and Graduation.


Supply Fees

An annual supply fee is due in September at Open House. Our supply fees assist the school financially with security, technology, photocopier printing, and updating student materials for the school year. A CASH or CHECK payment is acceptable. 


                2 year olds          $50

                3 year olds          $70

    4 year olds          $70


Our supply fee and our registration fees are due prior to the beginning of the school year and are non-refundable.


Tardy Policy

Dismissal begins at 12:25 when doors are unlocked.  The preschool day ends at 12:30. Students are the responsibility of the parents or caregivers at the close of the preschool day.  Please be respectful of staff time at the end of the day. Teachers are preparing for the next school day, and their time is valuable.  Be prompt in picking up your child. Tardy fees are Director’s discretion. Consistently late pick-up for a student, is cause for the preschool to dismiss your child from the program.


KHUMC Preschool opens the first Monday after Labor Day and closes the fourth Wednesday in May. The Preschool is open from 8:55 am – 12:30 pm Monday-Thursday.


Closings and Inclement Weather

We follow Dare County Schools’ holidays and closings. If Dare County Schools close due to inclement weather, the Preschool will also close. We do not make up lost school days due to inclement weather.  If Dare County Schools have a one-hour delay or a two-hour delay, the Preschool will open at 10:00 AM. If Dare County Schools have a three-hour delay, the Preschool will close. If an Early Dismissal is called for DCS, the Preschool will also close early.  EMAIL and TEXT messages will be posted as soon as decisions are made. 


Arrival and Departure

We require all students to be SIGNED IN and SIGNED OUT daily!  (No exceptions.) This policy signifies the transfer of responsibility to the preschool staff at sign-in and transfer from the preschool staff to parents at sign-out. 


Children should be taken to the classroom by a parent or parent-designated person. Please NEVER let your child walk in or out of the building alone. 


Please use the following entrances for arrival and departure:

2 year olds:  Use the PAVED parking lot on the east side of the building.  Enter/Exit through the DOUBLE glass doors.

3 year olds:  Use the PAVED parking lot on the east side of the building  Enter/Exit using the SINGLE glass door.  

4 year olds:  Use the GRAVEL parking lot on the west side of the building.  Enter/exit through the SINGLE glass doors.  


After 9:15, all doors with access to the Preschool will be locked.  Departure for our students will begin at 12:25. Please wait in the hallway for the teacher to dismiss your child. A list of people that you authorize to pick up your child must be signed and kept at the school. We will not release a child to anyone that is not on the parent’s list. Please inform the teacher of any changes to the list throughout the year.

Please keep in mind that arrival and departure times are not appropriate times for the teacher’s undivided attention. These are vital transition times, which require ALL of the teacher’s attention and energy be dedicated to the children. Please refrain from asking teachers if you may drop a child off early in the morning, this time is for teachers to set-up classrooms and prepare materials for the day.  Teachers are happy to give you a call or set up a time to speak with you one-on-one.  


We have a new state of the art security system installed..  There are monitors and cameras throughout the church to ensure your child’s safety and the safety of our church community.  The process for accessing the building, should you need to pick your child up before the end of the day, will be explained at Open House. 


Medical Requirements

Each student must have a current vaccination record and a recent physical exam to enroll in KHUMC Preschool. An emergency medical authorization form must be completed and filed for each student.  In case of an emergency, the parents will be notified and medical care will be obtained if necessary.

For a list of required vaccinations, right click on the link to open:



Please follow our guidelines:

If your child has a contagious disease, he or she should be kept home, and the preschool must be notified. A child should not be brought to Preschool with any of the following symptoms:

-Fever- after a fever, a child’s temperature must be less than 100 degrees without fever reducing medicine for 24 hours before returning to school.

-Diarrhea and vomiting- after diarrhea or vomiting, a child must be free of these symptoms for 24 hours before returning to school.

-Strep- If your child has a positive strep test, he/she may return after 24 hours of being on an antibiotic.

-Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye) - Children with pink eye may return after a 24 hour treatment with antibiotic eye drops and the child is free of all symptoms.

-Ringworm- a child may return to preschool following 24 hours of treatment with fungicidal. Oral antibiotics required if in the scalp. 

-Other highly contagious conditions including measles, mumps, chicken pox, scarlet fever, lice, scabies, pinworms, roseola, or viral infections.


The Preschool Staff is not permitted to administer any medications.


Medical/First Aid Policy

Parents are immediately called in the event of a significant accident or health concern.  Parents are also called if a child appears to be feeling or behaving differently than usual.  If your child becomes ill while at school, he or she will be isolated from the other children, and you will be called to take him/her home.

Please cooperate by picking up your child promptly. For minor incidents (i.e. a fall on the playground, a bump with a friend, a scrap or scratch) an “Ouch Report” will be filed with the Director.  A copy of this report will be given to the adult picking the child up from preschool on the day the incident occurred outlining the time, nature, and action taken by the staff. If an incident is major and it is determined to require immediate medical assistance, 911 will be called.  Parents should be sure that all emergency telephone numbers are current in the event the parent cannot be reached.


Outdoor Play

We will have daily outdoor play on all but rainy or extremely hot or cold days. The director will practice caution on cold/hot days and inform staff of outdoor play procedures  All children should be dressed appropriately for the weather. Children who are too ill to participate in outdoor play should remain at home. We do not have sufficient staff to supervise children indoors. Our playground will be open to the public and preschool playdates after 12:30PM.  All school playground rules should apply after 12:30PM to provide consistency for our students and ensure their safety. If preschool-owned equipment is used, please securely place toys in the appropriate enclosure. Sidewalk chalk should be used on the sidewalks only. At the end of your time, dispose of all trash and secure all gates.  



Please think of your child’s comfort and provide simple clothing that is free of complicated fastenings.  Dress your child in play clothes so the many learning experiences provided can be enjoyed, such as creative art projects and outdoor play.  For chilly days, layering is great.  

Please send your child to school in tennis shoes or rubber-sole shoes and refrain from

  • Open toed sandals

  • Flip Flops


  • Dress shoes with slippery soles

If appropriate footwear or outerwear is not provided, parents will be called to bring appropriate shoes so children will be able to play on the playground.  All outer garments must be labeled with your child’s name. 


Snack Time

Each teacher decides how snacks will be provided in her classroom.  Due to a growing number of students with severe peanut and tree nut allergies, KHUMC Preschool is a NUT FREE school. Please be careful not to send in snacks and party food containing nuts or produced in a facility that handles peanuts or tree nuts, so that we may help ensure the safety of all of our students! Please inform the teacher of any food allergies that your child may have. We have the right to ask that certain foods not be brought into the class.  As a school, we advise our families to limit the sweet and sugary snacks to birthdays and holidays. Below is a link to a nut free healthy snack list for your convenience. (Right click on the link to view.)


Discipline and Guidance

The staff will provide guidance through speech.  They will:

·         Give positive directions and suggestions.

·         Use short, clear, meaningful sentences.

·         Give choices only when children have a choice.

·         Avoid shaming and blaming children.

·         Avoid making comparisons between children.

·         Redirect to more constructive activities or actions.

·         Give approval when deserved.

·         Avoid favoritism.

The staff will provide guidance by their actions. They will:

·         Give children help when needed.

·         Prevent problems by organizing and planning appropriate activities.

·         Create a developmentally appropriate learning environment with toddler-friendly equipment,

            furniture, and classroom layout     

·         Set clear limits and help children understand the limits.

·         Help children understand the consequences of their actions if limits are tested.

·         Locate themselves in strategic and effective positions such as floor level, when interacting with

            and supervising children.

·         Be alert to all children’s needs.

·         Give absolute attention to the health, safety, and well-being of the children at all times.

The following guidance techniques will be used:

·         Indirect Guidance: arranging the environment, schedules, or group composition to be proactive

            and prevent problems.

·         Direct Guidance:

-Stating the desired behavior in a positive way

-Reinforcing appropriate behavior

-Using a “safe space” immediately for physical aggression, such as hitting, kicking, or biting.

·         Redirecting inappropriate behaviors to acceptable behaviors.


The growth, development, and well-being of your child is our main focus. It is our philosophy to develop children and provide positive discipline strategies.


Discipline will be administered in a fair, consistent, and professional manner.  Conferences can be beneficial to staff members, parents, and children. Please feel free to request a conference at any time.  When we have difficulty resolving a discipline issue, the parents will be contacted. If severe discipline problems, such as consistently disrupting the class, excessively aggressive behavior towards peers and staff, showing signs of not being able to adjust to the preschool, etc. cannot be resolved, KHUMCP has the right to dismiss the child from school.  


Biting Policy

Biting is a difficult situation that is taken very seriously at KHUMC Preschool.  Our policy is for the protection of all of our students. Biting is probably one of the most worrisome types of aggression we see in children. It is usually just a temporary behavior, expressed when young preschoolers are in a social situation they find stressful. We have specific procedural steps in place for handling the rare incident of biting. The preschool director and teachers will work with the family to support/reinforce behavioral techniques to eliminate the behavior at school. Teachers will use praise towards the biter when he/she is displaying appropriate behavior. The parents of the victim and the parents of the biter will be informed of the incident immediately. The victim will be treated properly, and the health department will be notified if the skin has been broken.


1.       The biter’s parents will be asked to pick up their child and discuss suspected causes of the

            behavior and steps to be taken to resolve the biting behavior.  

2.       After a second biting incident, the child will be removed from preschool for one week.

3.       After the third biting incident, the child will be removed from preschool for two weeks.

4.       If a child bites a fourth time, he/she will be dismissed from KHUMC Preschool.

Child Abuse and Neglect

Caregivers are required to report suspected cases of child abuse and neglect according to the North Carolina Law on Child Abuse and Neglect. If such a case is observed or suspected, it will be immediately reported to the Director, who in turn will notify the Dare County Department of Social Services.


Parent Involvement

There is real value in a partnership between parents and teachers in the education of the child. Communication between the Preschool and the home is extremely important. KHUMC Preschool is committed to encouraging and supporting this partnership. Teachers will communicate daily through posting notes/activities/snacks on a daily communication board located outside the classroom door.  

By enrolling your child in KHUMCP, you are making a commitment to the quality of your child’s preschool education. In order for our program to operate in the most productive and efficient manner, we require that each classroom sponsor/host one school function throughout the year. 


The classroom committees are as follows:


4 year old classrooms will support and host the 3s Mother’s Day Brunch

3 year old classrooms will support and host the 2s Carols and Cookies                                                                  

2 year old classrooms  will support and host the 4s Graduation Ceremony


Teacher Appreciation comes in May of each year.  As a preschool family, the support of our teachers is vital.  We will ask parents to support teacher appreciation through donations, gifts, and/or gift cards.  We understand we are asking for extra money for special events towards the end of the school year.  For this reason, we will ask for Teacher Appreciation donations earlier than May this year and will seek a TEACHER Appreciation Coordinator to handle treats for the week.  Please talk to Becky if you would be interested.  

ALL HANDS ON DECK!    Thursday, October 3, 2019.

An annual fundraising event will occur October 3, 2019, and we encourage all families to get involved.   Our goal is to have each preschool family sell $100 worth of tickets for a BBQ event or contribute $100 to the event if they cannot sell tickets. Last year’s event was HUGE! High Cotton BBQ is our partner, and it will take ALL HANDS ON DECK  to exceed last year’s goal! It will also be necessary for one parent from each enrolled student to help work the event in some capacity. Please note: Salaries and operating expenses are paid in part by your child’s tuition. Fundraising income supplies money for other educational expenses and maintenance of the building.  This summer we were able to paint downstairs’ classrooms, add new signs to the classrooms, new window treatments, treat the preschool to a visit from the NC Aquarium and more. Detailed information pertaining to the event will be sent soon. 


Adjustment to School

Children are unique individuals who react to new situations differently. The length of the adjustment period for each child varies and depends on his/her personality and his/her past experiences. Preschool is a new journey and every student will require some time and special attention to make the adjustment. This might mean that your child will cry in the morning on the way to school, when you leave him/her at school, or when parents start to pick up their children at the end of the school day. Please know that the staff at KHUMC Preschool has experience in making these transitions with children. In most cases, the anxiety your child may feel is temporary, but if it persists the staff will work with the parents to help meet the child’s needs.

We have a “Parent Stops at the Door” policy in the beginning of the year. We have seen that a firm, brief, and loving goodbye works best, and the first day blues soon disappear!  Lingering during the transition period may reinforce the negative reaction and cause the transition to last even longer. We do have security cameras in all classrooms; parents are welcome to observe the monitor in the Preschool Office.



Only in the most extreme circumstances would a child ever be dismissed from KHUMC Preschool. The following are examples that may result in dismissal from our program:

  • Failure to pay tuition

  • Consistent violent, threatening, or extremely disruptive behavior

  • Any circumstance in which the Preschool cannot meet the needs of a student, or the student is                                                                                    not adjusting to the preschool environment. 

  • Lack of compliance with handbook regulations

  • Biting incident on more than 3 occasions



We thank you for the opportunity to serve the children of KHUMC Preschool. Our school provides knowledgeable and experienced teachers who are dedicated to providing your child with spiritual, academic, and social growth through qualified instruction and sincere nurturing and love.



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